Date: 2016-07-15 03:14 pm (UTC)
worldsong: FIRE (Default)
From: [personal profile] worldsong
You can thank our favorite German for dragging me on to IRC, but you are most welcome! She also let me know that you'd posted, so that's why I went through the rigmarole of getting a Dreamwidth account, because it seemed polite! I was happy dancing during out conversation, and so, well, as I said! Polite!

I also thought a bit on the Skype thing we talked about, and realized that I must have been _really_ out of it. Because if I'd been more awake (sometimes that means, rested), I could have told you hilarious stories of how Americans at ScanFest in Portland, Oregon thought I was an American referring to their ancestry in the States.

It went a bit like this.

"Oh, hey, so you're Finnish?"


"Oh, sweet, I'm Norwegian? Which of your grandparents was Finnish?"

"Er. No. I mean, I'm Finnish."

"Yeah, but, which grandparent? My grandparents were both Norwegian."

"...okay. *digs out passport* I'm literally Finnish."

It still makes me laugh.

Yet the fact of the matter is, I _loved_ our conversation, and I will definitely make myself available if I can! I'm derping through this day, because oh brains.

Much love, Miss Ree!
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