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Humpday with stuff

2017-06-21 09:34 pm
anke: (Default)
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I didn't go to bed early yesterday, but 10 PM is a decent time. Close to midnight isn't, when there's work the next day. I actually slept through the night until my alarm rang!

After work I got a bit of shopping done, mostly to get the bulky packet of toilet paper out of the way.
good deed of the day? I need to record this for myself, because I did something right )

uh, so yeah. Grocery shopping got done. I doodled a little, but less than I had planned, but I still have daily sketches for today and tomorrow, so I'll be able to juggle that.

have a treehopper! )

Then I remembered I hadn't touched writing all week yet, when I wanted to have something ready to post by Friday. I was not paralysed by nerves, and looked at the drafts I have, and found a complete or nearly complete one for the next chapter. Edited and added a little, So that will just need another once-over for typos and such, formatting and then can be posted.

I also unfollowed a few people on tumblr because I spend too much time there and not enough making stuff. And got an add-on that hides the bottom of long posts under a cut, and I added a few more terms to my blacklist - not because of phobias or other triggers, just because people I follow and don't want to unfollow sometimes make floods of posts about series or games I'm not interested in and yeah.

Oh, and I did the dishes.

ohgosh I'm tied. Tired. bedwards. G'night

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