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I've managed to seize a few more minutes with a mighty keyboard instead of just a touchscreen, and that means I'm going to see who even reads this thing.

Here's our game: I have done at least one of the things on the following list within the last two years. Guess which in the comments! I'll reply and tell you if you guessed right. Even if you have no idea who I am and somehow found yourself here, feel free to join in! You can't do worse than the folks who don't even try!

Of course, if nobody guesses, I won't have any guesses to reply to, and I'll have a reasonbly good indication that nobody reads here. If that happens, I'll sulk awhile, possibly delete my account since I won't be using it, and stalk off to other corners if the internet. Either way, I'll live.

Have I...
* adopted a pet?
* moved to a different continent?
* gotten divorced?
* gotten pregnant?
* gotten an STD?
* gotten an MRI?
* converted to a non-Christian religion?
* converted to a non-Microsoft operating system?
* converted from paperbacks to an e-reader?

(Grr, that was *supposed* to be a formatted list. I thought this thing supported Markdown but all it did was eat my newlines. Oh well, I'm nearly out of time so asterisk bullets will have to do.)

Have at it, and have fun!
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My time is severely constrained these days, but I just wanted to say that I'm still around. I'm usually a week or more behind on my reading page, but I do read. I still love you guys.

This update won't be crossposted to LiveJournal because I can't find it within me to agree to the ToS update from months ago. I refuse to be constrained by homophobic Russian law and I don't want to claim that I would, even to post a goodbye notice. It sucks but that's the internet for you. For me too.

I wish I could write more—so much more!—but there's no telling how quickly I'll get called away again. Take care of yourselves, folks. It's a rotten world sometimes and that's why we need to stick together.

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