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Spent a good chunk of yesterday feeling unaccountably lazy and thick-brained. Kept trying to understand a problem I wanted to tackle, without success. I have figured out why it was so difficult! It has some something to do with how tired I am, and cold, and aching, and my throat hurts and the back of my mouth is puffy and bright red!

So that's not good news, exactly, but it is definitely a reason. Based on my Google searches today, it's viral, so antibiotics wouldn't do anything except help breed superbacteria. It does mean that I'm missing on extended family stuff today—no way am I exposing toddlers or elderly folks to the creeping yuck infesting my throat—but it also means that I have nothing to worry about basically all day except taking care of myself. That's surprisingly pleasant. (Helps that the throat feels much better after swallowing, and my husband got me a big jug of V-8 so I have plenty of healthy fluid to drink, not just Cherry Coke... although yeah, also Cherry Coke, because caffeine withdrawal stinks and can be hard to differentiate from illness.)

Was that a parenthetical? I think I opened and closed one long parenthetical statement, but I am thinking through mud right now and I can't be certain.

If I spend the rest of the day(s) making bizarre statements on Twitter or something, this would be why. I'll try to keep it to a minumum.

(I feel a little like I'm in a moving elevator. Have you ever been on a chair while in an elevator? It must feel just like this: vaguely wobbly, but also somehow secure, or perhaps I'm just a little too out-of-it to care.)


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