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2016-09-19 01:40 pm

throat and forumware

Hi. My throat has a red stripe at the back of my mouth! It's scratchy and my head is heavy, but it doesn't hurt to swallow so I figure it could be worse.

I don't understand how forum software can exist in 2016 that doesn't generate RSS or any other feed format and doesn't even provide email subscriptions. I suppose they expect every user to bookmark the site and dutifully check in regularly to see what's new, and that is so ridiculously far from my own experience that I cannot fathom how anyone could imagine that being a good plan. I do know that email can be a twisty thing to wrangle, but I don't see how RSS and Atom are too hard for a software developer who knows what they're doing and gives at least one actual fuck.

There are a few things I should get to doing now, one of which is rest so I get over this throat thing. I think I will read another chapter of Ava's Demon before I decide which to try.
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2016-04-19 03:59 pm

(no subject)

I don't have a title for this post. Possibly my posting speed is outpacing my coming-up-with-title-ideas speed, which is fine with me. Yay posts.

My leg and arm are black and blue. I tried to hop over a chair, but my toe caught a book, and I fell across the chair and against an end table. As I think I said in chat today, if I'm going to be clumsy (as indeed I am), at least I am impressively clumsy. I was like a Rube Goldberg machine for creation of hematomas upon oneself! More pragmatically, it's only bruises. I didn't break a bone, damage an eye, get concussed; I didn't even bleed. As injuries go, these are soothingly minor. I will be sore for some days, sure, but in a few years, I may have forgotten all about it.

There are posts at Pro. There are posts at Pro. This is awesome. Technically the posts are presently at a temporary home (which I delight in calling Pro Tempore), but they exist and there is a thread of conversation and Stuff Happening and I love it dearly. Wonderful Pro!

Tonight will be busy for me so I plan to relax beforehand.
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2016-04-12 03:00 pm

onward and upward

I made the slightly short-sighted decision to try my hand at a new website coding project. At the moment, I'm elated because I got a datum that I needed into the code where I needed it. I'm not an experienced programmer by any stretch, so I'm going to leave that unborked code alone until tomorrow and ride the high of "it did a thing yay!" for today. Whew! Now that my foot is in the door, I think the remainder the the project shouldn't be too bad. It won't be something I can slap together in 15 minutes, not at all, but it should be fully doable. The worst part would be if I decide to get all fancy and check user groups (which would require additional coding) but that isn't at all necessary for the immediate future.

I made a thing and it worked. Wheeeeee. Feels good.

Speaking of feeling good, I spent the weekend before the last laid up with a sore throat, and when I was feeling better, I went for a long walk in bitter cold wind. Guess what happened then! Yup, Return of the Sore Throat! I was still sick this past weekend. Ick. But it did give me plenty of time to collect information about my project while I felt too ill to actually get into the coding, which likely helped a great deal. Information is good to have.

Got messages off to a few people online who were/are going through assorted Not Fun. I can't change their circumstances, but I can offer a listening ear and some sympathy. There was a time when my own life was too much for me, leaving me nothing to offer to anyone else in need; I was not a good friend then. I'm glad that I'm doing well enough now to extend a hand to those around me, even while I wish they didn't need it, because I want all the good things for my friends and none of the bad. And I wish it didn't all hit the fan when I was still shaking off that stupid throat bug.

Looking forward to stuff.
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2016-04-03 12:04 pm
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bright spot to my day

Spent a good chunk of yesterday feeling unaccountably lazy and thick-brained. Kept trying to understand a problem I wanted to tackle, without success. I have figured out why it was so difficult! It has some something to do with how tired I am, and cold, and aching, and my throat hurts and the back of my mouth is puffy and bright red!

So that's not good news, exactly, but it is definitely a reason. Based on my Google searches today, it's viral, so antibiotics wouldn't do anything except help breed superbacteria. It does mean that I'm missing on extended family stuff today—no way am I exposing toddlers or elderly folks to the creeping yuck infesting my throat—but it also means that I have nothing to worry about basically all day except taking care of myself. That's surprisingly pleasant. (Helps that the throat feels much better after swallowing, and my husband got me a big jug of V-8 so I have plenty of healthy fluid to drink, not just Cherry Coke... although yeah, also Cherry Coke, because caffeine withdrawal stinks and can be hard to differentiate from illness.)

Was that a parenthetical? I think I opened and closed one long parenthetical statement, but I am thinking through mud right now and I can't be certain.

If I spend the rest of the day(s) making bizarre statements on Twitter or something, this would be why. I'll try to keep it to a minumum.

(I feel a little like I'm in a moving elevator. Have you ever been on a chair while in an elevator? It must feel just like this: vaguely wobbly, but also somehow secure, or perhaps I'm just a little too out-of-it to care.)

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2015-05-07 10:52 am

under the weather

Still fighting off a cold that caught up with me last week, a nasty sore throat/stuffed sinuses combo. I can't tell if the pressure on my eardrums has to do with the drippy skies or my drippy nose. Yech.

And that's about all the words I can today.
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2013-01-09 01:35 pm

thyroid awareness

January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Please, if you have symptoms of thyroid disease, go to the doctor and get tested.

I have a family history of hypothyroidism. (In fact, my maternal grandmother, her daughters, and their daughters, plus my paternal grandmother and several other blood relatives have all been treated for thyroid, although some only needed it during pregnancy or old age.) My thyroid hormone levels got tested every few years, starting in childhood. I grew up knowing that the question was not if, but when, it would start. By the time I developed hypothyroidism myself, I had mostly forgotten the symptoms, so I didn't recognize it!

My doctor had made a note in my file, though, and when I went in thinking I might have mono, I came out with a diagnosis and a prescription. It was liberating to know that my permanent exhaustion, dry skin, and weight gain were not my fault!

I have been taking Synthroid for most of my life now, and I will continue taking it or a similar medication until the day I die. That might sound dire, but it really isn't at all. Life with treated hypothyroidism is so much better. It doesn't fix everything - I am still not skinny and my skin remains dry, even in summer - but being treated means I have the energy to furiously scrub the hard water marks in my shower, run after energetic toddlers at family gatherings, maintain my weight instead of gaining rapidly, and live my life like anyone else.

Please, if you think you might have a thyroid problem, get tested. Especially if you have a family history of thyroid disease. (Got an aunt with a goiter? That's a thyroid thing, too. Get tested.) I don't know the costs offhand, but neither tests nor pills for hypothyroidism should be prohibitively expensive, and there are generics. It's worth finding out.