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2016-10-17 02:34 pm

still alive

I'm alive, promise. I'm just snowed under because of health (both mine and not-mine).

Most of my gaming is done on vintage consoles, so my sole platinum trophy on PSN is a very recent achievement. Naturally, the game I 100%'d was a remake: Day of the Tentacle Remastered. DotT always comes with bonus Maniac Mansion for the finding and playing. I have yet to win MM but hey, new goal. At least now I've gotten further than the infamous microwave incident. I even managed to explode the house a couple of times! Yay!

My kitchen cabinet has tasted my blood. #fml At least the finger joint it skinned open has gotten less sensitive with time.

How is it three. It was just one, a few minutes ago. Can't be three already. Not allowed.

Better get off computer before the entire afternoon fritters away, wasted.
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2016-06-25 01:16 pm

ohai thar!

I still ain't dead, thank you. I've been sleeping rather poorly. At the moment, I feel more alert than I have in days, so I wanted to eke out an update while the eking was good. Or something. (I said I'm more alert, not that I'm totally on the ball. This is as good as my attention gets right now. I don't like it any better than you do.)

I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting to play my vintage games on the living room flatscreen. This nothing new. But this time, I griped enough that my brother wanted to see my much-lamented lag for himself. He came over with a Nintendo 64, all the cords, and a cart of The World Is Not Enough, and went to town.

"I'm not seeing it," he said.

So I tried for myself. All I proved was that I am still pretty bad at TWINE, but nothing about alleged lag.

Super Nintendo. Fired up a save file still on the first island, took the Star Road shortcut to Bowser, and I beat him.

Prior to that day, I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles that the TV in the living room lagged so much that basically everything was unplayable. I was 100% certain.

I don't know if my memory is that malleable (which is terrifying to consider), or the one or more of the TV's relatively few settings got changed by accident, rendering a delightful change (which would be upsetting if it ever got accidentally reverted, with no knowledge of how to restore the desirable state) or if I am currently hallucinating or what. Maybe the internet isn't real. Maybe you're all inside my dream! (That's enough Link's Awakening, Ree, back to Earth now.)

What I do know is this: I can beat Super Mario World on the living room TV. I can very likely beat any of my SNES games on it (except the sims; I don't think SimCity has a win state, and my Civilization best is merely surviving under Stalin's bootheel).

I've been enjoying the GameCube and Game Boy Player lately (finished a run through Dragon Warrior GBC and am well pleased with myself). I am tantalized by the possibility of throwing my entire weekend into a replay of Eternal Darkness. I won't actually let myself do that, but I could if I truly wanted to, and that alone is pleasing.

I currently possess a computer that is neither a slow-ass pile of slag nor a self-freezing failbot. I have gotten a proper IRC client installed. The good folks of the chat helped me figure out how to temporarily disable the touchpad, which allows me to type without wanting to defenestrate the contraption.

My interactions with electronics are really good lately! I hadn't realized just how good until typing it out like this. Yay!

I'm less satisfied with my creativity, which has quite stagnated. Earlier in the week, I had an idea for a tiny scifi story and set myself to getting it written post-haste. It was like trying to weave wet cotton candy. Every strand I grabbed or even reached for just dissolved before I could get put anything together. I have the dregs saved, but it's looking like this was a burst of inspiration that just won't hold up in story format. I might write the basic gist as a sort of Tumblr outline fiction ("so there's this person who discovered this thing, and they use the thing to do this idea....") and see what others think of it. Maybe somebody can write a formal story of it it, even if that somebody isn't me, and may not be anyone I know directly. That's pretty cool too.

My alertness is fading and I need to finish the laundry. Bah. After the laundry's done, if I remember to do it, I think I'll reward myself with some Crazy Taxi; there's a timed mode so I can't completely lose track of time, and sooner or later I'll need a break from the music. I like it okay, just not hours of it at a stretch or it starts to eat my brain.

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2016-01-29 08:59 pm


I tried playing the demo of Undertale and found myself firmly ambivalent: I appreciate a lot about what the game is trying to do. Also, I sort of want to light it on fire and watch it burn to ash, then scatter the ashes so it can never mess with me again. It is not coincidence that my experience with the demo sent me running for my most cherished of comfort-food games, one exclusive to Nintendo. Last I knew, Nintendo specifically disallowed the type of gimcrackery that Undertale pulled on me. Link's Awakening is comforting, familiar, safe, loved.... and Undertale is really super not, much as I kick myself for not enjoying it "enough", whatever that means.

Spoilers follow. )

I've been gorging on spoilers for the game, struggling to find a way that I could play it that wouldn't allow it to drive me bananas, but there are too many variables for me to keep track of. It's hideous. A game with this much heart and resemblance to EarthBound ought to delight me, but it doesn't, and that discovery leaves me troubled and sulky.

Apparently I can remove the demo from my computer, but not from my thoughts.
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2015-12-30 04:05 pm
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StreetPass? More like SofaPass.

Yesterday, my 3DS flashed a green light, meaning it was exchanging StreetPass data with another 3DS system. It's not like I've never StreetPassed before; my husband, brother, and several other people I know all have their own 3DSes, and I make sure to visit StreetPass relay points from time to time. But StreetPassing someone I've never met, without leaving my house? That is a brand new thing to me. I cherished this unforseen event, played all my StreetPass games so I wouldn't waste a precious StreePass, and was happy.

It happened again today. Same person.

Maybe it's just a neighbor's holiday guest... but maybe one of my neighbors got a 3DS for Christmas. Maybe we will keep StreetPassing! That would be lovely.

tl;dr I am weirdly happy b/c my video game system is doing exactly what it was built to do.
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2015-11-14 03:53 pm

bummers and doing better

I've started about three different entries this week; I think it's about time that I finished one, so long as I keep the whining to a minimum.

I'm still getting over a cold, which moved in mid-Tuesday. Coincidentally, I was supposed to be out of town Wednesday to scour a going-out-of-business sale. Instead, I stayed bundled up at home. Also, while under the effects of sickbrain, I mistakenly updated my 3DS firmware, so now I can't play EarthBound on it anymore.

So that was all unhappy and I spent an amount of time whining to an empty house about the unfairness of the world blah blah blah.

After I finished unleashing my inner teenager, I grabbed my PSP (which already had a SNES emulator on it), transferred my EarthBound save to it, and spent about an hour fiddling with and testing some advanced settings until I could play EarthBound at a reasonable speed and still see my pre-battle swirl. (While not hugely important, I like the swirl; its shape is different for boss fights, and its color is different depending on if you have the advantage, the enemy does, or neither of you does. A green swirl usually means you don't even actually fight. The game just recognizes that you're going to win and hands over the victory banner and some experience. Yay!) It is not quite as nice, because it means carrying 2 handhelds instead of just my favorite one, but it's the next best thing.

All I really want out of video games is a continued opportunity to escape to someplace familiar where I can use my recognition of the rules to gain advantages and make a difference. New games don't usually give me that. My old favorites do. And now I can play EarthBound on my living room sofa again. That sounds like something I want to be doing right now, come to think....
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2015-11-03 03:52 pm

o hai

Man, I keep forgetting to write here.

After a string of days ranging from downright unhappy to so-so, today has been distinctly good. Lots of little things: an inexplicable stain that washed out perfectly, one load of dishes less than usual, a sizable cache of discounted Hallowe'en candy, the discovery that is basically my iTunes library but more.

I fell into the usual Circle Ent. trap again. That is, Circle had a game on the 3DS eShop sale, and it had a demo, so I played the demo; the demo cut off just when I was getting really into it, so I bought the full version so I could continue playing. This time it's Fairune; last time it was Witch & Hero. Someday I'll stop being surprised.

Anyway, Fairune is fun. Very short, but fun. The iOS and Android versions are free; the 3DS version (which has a few puzzles the free versions don't) is normally $3, currently marked down to $2. And I get to play as a girl! I get to start in a pretty dress (the game even says so) and then I get to gear up and fight evil. Yay!

I made a shortsighted New Year's resolution that I would spend as much or more time playing as a female protagonist as a male. Since my main gaming loves are turn-based RPGs, Zelda, and some Mario, I am dearly looking forward to the end of the year and the return of my old favorites. (At some point I stopped keep track and just didn't bother to play anything unless I could play as a girl, having gotten thoroughly pissed off at my meager options. I've since caved to a playthrough of EarthBound, which currently sits around two-thirds in, but I'm sticking to my guns. Or, you know, to my Sword of Hope or Cracked Bat or whatever.)

The thought occurs that I abuse commas. Whoops. I'm out of practice at this writing thing.
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2015-07-16 01:02 pm

3DS troll

I think my 3DS is trolling me.

First, it tried to pop out of its protective case. I didn't think much about it until it kept happening. Eventually I realized that my 3DS internal battery was bulging, preventing the case from fitting correctly. This also explained its incredible shrinking battery life. Simple enough to fix: sent away to Nintendo, got a new battery, and voila! Good as new.

Well, except for the shoulder buttons. The right trigger had been intermittently non-compliant for some time; its companion on the left worked almost all of the time.

And then it didn't, and nothing would get the left trigger to fire. This made certain games nigh-unplayable. I was mournful. If I was going to replace my 3DS, I would have preferred to have done so before sinking more money into it. Besides, my 3DS is a limited edition (the Ocarina of Time one), so I would rather not replace it with a blander model; I want my pretty to work.

Earlier this week, I fumbled my 3DS in such a way that it bumped the left shoulder button, This inexplicably produced changes on screen!

I don't understand it. The button still wobbles, a detail which helped convince me that it was broken permanently. The right trigger is still a bit fritzy (it will generally fire, but if I try to hold the button down, it acts as though I were rapidly tapping it instead).

My 3DS is weird, and working (mostly), and I am keeping it. :)
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2015-04-03 09:17 pm

amiibos, PmWiki, and dwarves

I spent a frankly embarrassing period of time in doing it, but I got my preorder in for a Ness amiibo. I'm ridiculously happy with myself!

Having some trouble with roleplaying. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is. Possibly it's the open choice? Maybe I'm too used to playing linear video games and the like, where there are several ways to advance, but they all lead in the same general direction.

Finally bit the bullet and decided to install a wiki for my private roleplaying data. PmWiki turns out to be like 0.25 megs or something! Even my little web hosting account can handle that! So that's done and I've spent a completely stupid amount of time customizing my install. (Some of it was useful, like tweaking the search results so that passers-by don't get stuff from the wiki help pages unless they're specifically looking for it. Most of it is me having fun with conditional markup and coding. That part is time wasted.)

Bah, I'm not good at postprandial journaling. I'm sleepy and happy and possibly a few more of the seven dwarves.

Have a good one!
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2015-03-04 01:17 pm

technology sucks sometimes

Yesterday, my browser engaged in a rather impressive show of repeatedly crashing whenever I tried to do anything. Also when I didn't do anything. Frustrating as that was, I have to admire the sort of commitment involved.

Eventually I abandoned the computer, fired up ye olde PSP, and sank my teeth into some Darkstalkers instead. Still not sure why Jedah Dohma dresses like a Japanese high school student, but oh well. I beat him anyway.
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2014-07-20 08:22 am

interwoven snippets

I got new shoes two weeks ago. They're comfy and sturdy, with plenty of traction. No more slipping on the floor due to worn-out shoes!

Except I lost them within the first week of having them. I took them off at my mother's house, carefully set them out of the way in the first place I'd look for them, and later they weren't there. Nor were they anywhere else I could think to look.


Today my aunt texted me, saying she and her granddaughter were in town and needed something to do for a bit; could they come over? Well, yeah, of course they could!

I'd gotten the idea to get rid of my PS1. I never used it (my husband and I have two PS2s between us, both of which can play PS1 games, so the PS1 is utterly redundant). I should get rid of it.

I also had a PS1 Dance Dance Revolution game (Konamix) that I couldn't play on our TV, due to display lag, but it still works fine with any CRT TV. I even had an extra DDR controller to go with the set. I thought maybe I'd see if my aunt was interested in having her own DDR game, since she'd tried it at my place before and seemed intrigued by it. It was worth a shot, anyway.

My aunt and her granddaughter barely got in my door before they asked if I had movies, or video games, or did I happen to still have a DDR game? Could they play that?

My usual DDR game (SuperNova) has a setting that lets it get along with the flatscreen TV (Konamix doesn't have this setting). I got everything set up with Supernova and chatted with my aunt while my cousin quickly picked up the gameplay.

My aunt started off the conversation by asking what all she would need to play DDR at her home: an Xbox, she asked, was what I had? And a dance mat, clearly, but how would she know which one would work for which game, or which system, or how did that work?

Thus assured of her interest, I politely stopped her and asked if she would like my old DDR setup: console, cables, DDR controller, and game, everything required, none of which I had any use for.

That was awesome and made us all very happy! Whereupon we grinned a lot.

I'd kept my PS1 in storage at my mother's, so we went over there. I got into the room, slid off my shoes so I could stand furniture to reach it, and found a second pair of shoes waiting there: my mislaid new pair, right where I'd forgotten them the last time I looked at my PS1.

Aha. Okay!

So I don't have a PS1 anymore, but it's going to a good home. And I got my good shoes back. I have tread again.

Life is good.
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2013-10-31 08:58 pm

oh, right

I'm not doing too hot with this whole "post an entry every calendar month" thing. The point of that goal was not specifically to register unqualified success but to getting me writing more than in 2012 (or 2011, for that matter). So even if I'm not hitting my goal, I am improving, and that's the main thing.

I am determined to consider this a success. Does it show?

My life seems sort of in-between right now. We moved, but half my stuff is boxed in my mother's basement, because there just isn't room; we aren't focused on making room for it, because we might be moving again soon. Or we might not.

I demand a world that I can view in black and white, as I see fit! Ha, no. I do crave some certainties in life, though, and I'm coming up a bit short there.

Also I miss the crap out of my video games, you have no idea. On Sunday, we visited my mother and I blissfully hugged my Super Nintendo. As you do, right? Then I played it and hugged it again.

Really miss my video games. I tried hooking them up to my husband's HDTV, but apparently HDTVs have a degree of lag when playing old video games on them, and this particular set is pretty bad. There isn't room at our home to set up another TV, so my games are all at my mother's (except some handheld stuff). I finally got my PC gaming controller set up nicely, though, and I've been enjoying retro-inspired games on Steam. Breath of Death VII has been cracking me up, and the gameplay is right up my alley too!

Yay stuff!
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2013-05-31 05:53 pm

keeping busy

I am too damn busy.

I did manage to find my Social Security card after two days of increasingly frantic searching. That's something.

I keep making lists of things that need doing and putting more lists on top and ugh. I'm drowning in lists and belongings and expectations.

I try to beat a video game each month. This month I hoped to get Crimson Shroud's New Game plus completed, but fights in that game take forever and I just don't have the mental energy to devote to them. (They wouldn't feel so slow except that I came to Crimson Shroud on a break from Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers, and SMT games tend to have very brisk fights. The comparison makes Crimson Shroud feel more sloth-paced than it actually is.)

I squeaked in a May victory with Kirby Mass Attack, though, and my best completion percentage in a Kirby game yet: 97%! (I think my previous best was 83% on Kirby's Adventure. Kirby games are relatively easy to beat, but their bonus material can range from equally easy to devilishly difficult. I am still proud of one Adventure puzzle I finally pulled off, involving a cannon, a short fuse, and a consequently narrow window of success.)

Apparently all I want to talk about today is games. That's something, too.

When I got too stressed from looking for my Soc., I took a break to play a level of Mass Attack. That did wonders for my frame of mind, so I continued until I beat the game. (Don't look at me like that - before I started looking for that little card, I was perhaps two levels and a boss fight away from the game's end. It wasn't a huge investment of my time.) I beat it, smiled through the ending, and went to bed.

I woke up knowing exactly where to look for the card. I got up, walked over, and checked that place and only that place. There it was, the little sneak.

I think that if I had not stopped to play the game, I would have continued to wrack my brain to find the card, and I would have gotten no leads, only frustration. I needed my game, with its sensation that I had at least accomplished something there; that eased my sleep; a good night's rest let my brain play connect-the-dots in peace until it connected my quest objective with its location.

(Yes, quest objective. I figure the card was worth 3 XP and unlocked the next objective, which is paperwork. Yuck. But that's worth XP to me, too. I'm trying to level up my Adultness some more before I attain the new rank of Wife!)
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2013-03-24 05:32 pm


I'm not sure what to write about, but I decided at the New Year that I was going to have at least one journal entry within each calendar month of 2013. I am far too stubborn to give up on that so easily and so early in the year.

I might give up a few other things, though.

I'm uninstalling that forum I never used. It's eating up over half my allotted space on the server and it's not going to get used anytime soon. I've backed up what little was worth the bother. I still need to check my backups, in case I change my mind later, but I think this is a good decision. Keeps me from splitting my focus, now that my beloved Profusion is going once again. Pro comes first.

The vastness of my video game library-slash-backlog weighs on me. I am sorely tempted to chuck the majority of it into a box, and that box into a trunk, and that trunk into a river or volcano or just get it the fuck away already. I'm not usually like this. I want to figure out why I feel this way before I pitch much, lest I regret and re-buy.

I'm still not too sure what to write about. Perhaps what I really need to to simply shut off the computer, maybe put on some calming music, and get down to the nuts and bolts of what I really want out of life. (And gaming, and internet - but those are just facets of my life anyway. "The universe pretty much covers everything", right?)

At least a little of it is - well, I don't want to call it "pre-wedding jitters", because I am not remotely considering backing out of the wedding or anything of the sort. My fellow is a good 'un, a caring, reliable fellow, and also he is pretty damn hot. No backsies!

What's got me chewing on my lower lip again isn't doubting him or our commitment. It's all the rest of it: places to live are too expensive, I'm going to use up all the hot water just rinsing my long hair and it's going to cause problems, we can't afford to keep all our stuff so what do we get rid of and oh fuck we are on the road to living out of his car with nothing but a hot plate and a hobo bindle!!!!!eleventy-one!

(See, Ree, you type it out and it looks silly, because IT IS SILLY. Bindle. Calm the fuck down; it's okay; you're fine. Bindle. Tsk.)

"Bindle" is fun to say. It sounds as silly as my fears of it are. It's not as fun to repeat as "bunyip" - I can waste ten minutes at a stretch saying nothing but "bunyip" and I kind of wish I were joking, but I'm so not - but then nothing is as fun to say repeatedly as "bunyip".


If we can't afford a place big enough for all our stuff, my mother will almost certainly let us store some things in my old bedroom. I'd been thinking about giving up the old NES anyway; this may be a great time to play a few things one last time before sending them on their merry way.

Bindle bindle bindle. Bunyip.

Yeah, I'm okay. I can do this.