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Hello! I'm Ree. I use this name (or variants) pretty much everywhere I go: [ profile] ree [ profile] ree [ profile] reetoes [ profile] msree [ profile] reetoes

I'm a co-admin at Profusion, a co-operative writing community. I also lurk at a handful of other co-writing sites.

I'm a shy nerd. I love old video games, fairy tales, kitties, and not feeling anxious for a change.


Marriage is love.

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2ds, 3ds, 999, a link to the past, ancient egypt, api, basaltine, baskerville, books, caffeine, catrap, cats, christianity, christians who aren't assholes, chrono trigger, css, ddr, dragon quest, dragon quest 8, dragon quest 9, dragon warrior, dreaming, dreams, dreamwidth, ds, earthbound, earthbound 2, earthbound beginnings, earthbound zero, egypt, egyptian history, eshop, foaf, found family, game boy, game boy advance, gender and sexuality, hashtags, having 8000 browser tabs, internet, jaina jade, joining useless communities, jrpg, json, kitties, last bible, layouts, link's awakening, literature, mega drive, mental health, moonburnt, moonburnt roleplay, mother 1, mother 2, mother 3, my website, nes, nine hours nine persons nine doors, nintendo, nintendo 3ds, nintendo ds, nintendo franchises, openid, opera (the browser), opera browser, opml, persona, phantasy star, profusion, psn, reading, refreshing my friends page, retrogames, retrogaming, revelations: the demon slayer, roleplay, roleplaying, rpg, s2, sega, sega genesis, sega mega drive, sexuality, shin megami tensei, singular "they", sleeping, smashing pre-conceived notions of feminity, snes, south dakota, strawberries, suitov, syntax, tales of phantasia, telling cats they're kitties, the internet, the legend of zelda, things that shouldn't be so funny, twitter, umaa, userpics for every occasion, video game music, video games, videogames, vintage, virtual console, web design, web development, weft, weird-ass video games, writing, wtf, xml, xml-rpc, zelda, ò_ó, ,
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