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I had a lot of socializing over the Independence Day period, more than I am quite comfortable with, and by the end of it I was firmly lodged into a corner, constantly refreshing my phone in desperate search of something more familiar for me to do. (This was not helped by the person present who did two things upon my entrance: one, told a joke where the punchline was that women are not supposed to enjoy the hobbies that I enjoy, and two, asked me about my relationship to someone I don't speak to anymore because Reasons, then doubled down when I tried to be politely refuse to answer.)

I'm still perturbed by that sequence.

I'm back to my old self after a few days of normal routine, though.

There are posts at Pro! We had a Snoggy in the chat! Turns out Snog and I watch a bunch of the same TV shows! I.... got nothing else done all afternoon because chat had priority and I regret nothing! (Although I do need to get a few things accomplished before supper.)

What a good day it's been.

Take care of yourselves out there!
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I'm not sure if I will get back to the update page this week, and I'm already overdue for Solstice greetings, so let's do this now:

Happy holidays! It's my sincere hope that whatever holidays you may have already celebrated this season were joyous, that whatever holidays you may celebrate soon will be wonderful, and that all your days will be as happy as you can make them.

As for me, I have lights on the tree and no major travel until the weekend, so I have a few days snug at home. Sounds pretty good!

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