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2016-03-17 12:50 pm
ree: (hidden entrance: come in?)
I haven't written anything on my little roleplay-lite story since last week. I've been sick (though it's down to an occasional sniffle by now) and apparently, when something eats into my energy and free time, writing is the part of my life that takes the hit.

That's vexing because writing is more important to my idea of myself than, say, getting in as many free-to-play games as I can, but the games are getting done and the writing is not. My idea of myself is kind of bullshit, huh. I don't like it but I'm not sure what, exactly, to do about it.

Part of it is simple bikeshedding. At least once this week, I've signed into my little space and imperfectly rearranged the navigation links over and over until I ran out of time to write anything. It's maladaptive. And it's how I tend to handle uncertainty when I don't know what my character should do next.

I must be lonelier than usual today: I'm signed into two different communication protocols, one of which required re-registering my old account name before I could use it. Naturally, nobody seems to be chatty while I am. I'll divert to some actual work and maybe try again a little later, after taking a look at my story to figure out where I'm stressing and how to relieve it.

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