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Somehow I got in the habit of just barely keeping house: dishes and laundry would get done, but very little else would. That has caught up with me, as tomorrow my home needs to be close to maximum tidiness, so I have spent today scrubbing and wiping and airing out. I'm enjoying the result.

I haven't written more on my roleplay-like story, but I did start logging when and why I wasn't writing. I decided I may as well use my character accounts to post my excuses more or less in character. Today's post used wording along the lines of "I'm busy but I'll return later, with great joy" and then I couldn't resist letting another character (Artemisia) hijack the thread with a reply that still makes me laugh:

So when you're done, you'll be back to ketchup with relish?

So yeah, whatever worries I have had about not finding my characters' voices are nicely quashed by that bit and assorted others. That's quite the cheering discovery.

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