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I don't have a title for this post. Possibly my posting speed is outpacing my coming-up-with-title-ideas speed, which is fine with me. Yay posts.

My leg and arm are black and blue. I tried to hop over a chair, but my toe caught a book, and I fell across the chair and against an end table. As I think I said in chat today, if I'm going to be clumsy (as indeed I am), at least I am impressively clumsy. I was like a Rube Goldberg machine for creation of hematomas upon oneself! More pragmatically, it's only bruises. I didn't break a bone, damage an eye, get concussed; I didn't even bleed. As injuries go, these are soothingly minor. I will be sore for some days, sure, but in a few years, I may have forgotten all about it.

There are posts at Pro. There are posts at Pro. This is awesome. Technically the posts are presently at a temporary home (which I delight in calling Pro Tempore), but they exist and there is a thread of conversation and Stuff Happening and I love it dearly. Wonderful Pro!

Tonight will be busy for me so I plan to relax beforehand.
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Ugh, I'm so sick of looking at login screens right now. I spent a couple hours today working on my latest pet project: single sign-on integration between a forum and wiki for my writing group. There are still some things to iron out, but I appear to have gotten login-logout tied together at last. I still need to confirm that rights levels are being set correctly and there's a fair bit of cleanup around the auth system no longer in use, but that will have to wait. It's past suppertime and I've not even got something cooking. Probably high time I fix that.


2015-02-04 04:57 pm
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Ugh, I keep having days when I try to write at Pro and my brain just clogs like a toilet. It feels as disgusting as that sounds, I assure you. It's not all bad - today I managed to eke out a post. Not a great post, but a post, and pretty much any post is better than no post.

I gotta stop saying "post" before it loses all meaning.

Hubby was interested when I brought up the TV show Sleepy Hollow last month, so we ended up watching the backlog on Hulu together. As of today, we're all caught up! Season 2 doesn't have quite the same zip as Season 1, but I like it enough to hang in there. I can guess some of what the writers have in store, and what I'm guessing seems intriguing.

I've been compiling a bunch of my roleplay-related data into a wiki. Right now it's private, but I think I might open it up once I have it all in order (possibly keeping a sort of private "scratch pad" area for me to work on new concepts, while the rest would be public). I don't know why I didn't do this before! I have a great love of organized data, and all these alphabetical indices serve to scratch a deep itch that I never knew I could soothe.

When arranging my wiki, almost by accident, I made an index of the various co-op stories my characters have been in. I'm enormously glad that I did. My memory has always been rusty, and it's so easy to tell myself that I didn't do much of anything, even when I started roleplaying.

Well! I was Jaina Jade of Cloud City, head of the House of Jade, stand-in for the mother of the bride when Cloud City celebrated the wedding of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. I was Pasht Sphinx of Beta Centauri, who found a new level of satiation by feeding on a certain elf with very strong magic in her blood. I had forgotten, but the index doesn't lie: I was there. I can find my characters' names in archived documents. I did that.

I'm pretty sure I had more to write about, but I'm not remembering at the moment. I was sick all weekend. Maybe I'm still not 100% yet? I can blame the illness, yes, that sounds good.

Time to post. Post post post. Pooooooost...

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